This spring the San Francisco 49ers have a quarterback situation to take care of. Last season’s starter, Alex Smith is a free agent and is looking at multiple teams to sign with. The 49ers had chosen to try and sign Peyton Manning to their roster, which drove Smith to start looking at offers. This week Peyton Manning decided to play for the Denver Broncos, leaving San Francisco without a starting quarterback.The other two quarterbacks on their roster are Colin Kapernick and Scott Tolzien.

Kapernick saw a few games last season and has gone 3/5 passing including 35 yards. Tolzien on the other hand, has not seen any action other than pre-season games. Neither quarterback has shown enough evidence to get the nod if Smith does not sign. Kapernick set multiple school records at Nevada in college. His senior year he threw for 3,022 yards, 21 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Kaepernick also lead the Wolfpack to a 13-1 record including a bowl victory over Boston College. Kaepernick has always been known as a hard worker which is why the 49ers jumped up to draft him in the 2nd round last year.

Tolzien has been under the radar since he was in high school. Scott was not on many schools radar before winding up at Wisconsin. After that, Tolzien led the Badgers to a 11-2 record after losing to TCU in the Rose Bowl. Tolzien also completed 74% of his passes and passed for 2,459 yard, 16 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Since high school, Tolzien has always flown under the radar including Wisconsin and the NFL draft. My bet is on Tolzien to surpass Kaepernick in the depth chart this summer or fall. Although, we will see who gets the slight nod this fall.